Multiphase Measurement

Of great interest to researchers and end users alike, Multiphase Measurement has become a special discipline and millions of dollars have been invested in R&D to fine tune the technology and increase the benefits to customers. Typical applications of Multiphase meters that assist the oil and gas producers include:

Multiphase Meters

The gas/liquid flow rate measurement and water cut determination occur independently of each other. The gas/liquid two-phase flow meter consists of a Venturi and two identical single (59.5 KeV) gamma sensors. The full range three-phase water cut meter comprises a dual energy (22 and 59.5 KeV) gamma sensor and a flow conditioner located upstream. Both the gas and liquid flow rates are measured upstream of the flow conditioner in the two-phase flow meter, without the need for any flow conditioning or separation. The Dual gamma meter measures the water cut and calculates the net oil flow rate is based on the gross liquid and watercut.

Watercut Meters

Watercut meters, which follow the low energy gamma photo absorption principle, are an integral component of the Haimo Multiphase Meter used by Bell Oil & Gas Ltd. You can choose between Single gamma meters or Dual gamma meters according to their measurement and phase requirements. For example, the Single gamma meters measure two phases; oil and water in the absence of gas; or,  liquid and gas. Dual gamma meters measure the watercut in the presence of gas and can also be used to compensate for salinity in produced water in the absence of gas. The typical accuracy of the measurement of water cut is +/- 1% abs. for the full range of watercut in the absence of gas.