GRE Services

Our Glassfibre Reinforced Epoxy (GRE) Pipe Systems Service provides you with a complete solution from design and engineering, to manufacture, installation and support for our Bondstrand pipes and fittings:

Designed to meet all the major international standards (ASTM, DEP Shell, UKOOA, AWWA, API, ISO, our NOV Fiberglass Systems Bondstrand pipes and fittings offers more than just pipe segments. NOV Fiberglass Systems  Glassfibre Reinforced Epoxy (GRE) and phenolic piping are available in a variety of diameters up to 1000 mm (40 inch); pressures (classes up to 276 bar / 4,000 psi); and, in standard lengths (up to 12m / 40ft), for use on different applications. We also offer you a choice of different joint systems, such as adhesive-bonded, mechanical, and threaded joint systems and flanges.

In addition to separate components, we can also provide you with bespoke GRE Pipe Systems (bends, branches, reducers, flanges, etc.) created from prefabricated pipe sections in our fully equipped GRE Spooling Workshop.