Glassfibre Reinforced Pipe Systems

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Our Bondstrand Glassfibre Reinforced Epoxy (GRE) pipe systems are manufactured by NOV Fiberglass Systems at their worldwide plants. Bondstrand GRE pipes and fittings are made from glass reinforcements and thermosetting epoxy resin, using the filament winding technique.

A reliable pipe infrastructure is essential for every modern industrial process and every interruption caused by either failure or maintenance leads to further costs. Liquids and gases must therefore be delivered to and from the process without interruptions, even if the pipe systems are damp, covered with saltwater, contaminated soil or corrosive media. Consequently, your pipe infrastructure must be dependable, because interruptions – caused by failure or poor maintenance – will attract costs. Conventional materials like steel and concrete perform poorly under these conditions, require expensive maintenance and are hazardous to the environment whenever leaks occur. Used successfully under the most corrosive conditions for over 40 years, our Glassfibre Reinforced Pipe Systems address all of these issues.


Manufactured world wide, our Bondstrand pipes and fittings feature the filament winding technique and are made from glass reinforcements and thermosetting epoxy resin.