Year Completed: 2017
Project: Usan FPSO Flair Boom Extension Repair.
Project description The project involved repair of broken sitting and defective section of the flare boom in Usan FPSO. The above processes were achieved by cutting, shaving, bonding, curing and finally reinforcing the bonded joints. It was an Exxon Mobil project but ran through Prime Atlantic Cegelec Nigeria (PACE).
Client: Exxon Mobil (PACE)
Year Completed: 2017
Project: Service of N110 Air compressor
Project description Periodic Preventive Maintenance (Service) and Corrective Maintenance (Repair) for N110 Air Compressors.
Client: Kimberly Clarke W.A. Ltd
Year Completed: 2017
Project: Commissioning of Corrosion Inhibitor Injection Pumps for K2S Project.
Project description Pre-start up checks, Inspection of chemical storage tanks, washing, flushing and cleaning of chemical storage tanks, functional testing, Reliability checks, Pre-start up inspection, Commissioning, Calibration, Post-commission inspection and Training of SPDC technical teams on Operation and maintenance.
Year Completed: 2017
Project: Repair of 10″ x 1″ & 30″ x 6″ Saddles in Agbami FPSO
Project description The project involved repair of leakages on 10″ X 1″ FRP Saddle and 30″ x 6″ FRP saddle in Agbami FPSO. Also,  “HOT- BOLTING” in the confined space region of the FPSO.
Client: Hensteel Engineering/Chevron
Year Completed: 2017
Project: Minox package in Agbami FPSO.
Project description Supply of materials for the installation of flow Control Valves (FCV), Saddles and Gaskets for the Minox Package on the Agbami FPSO. Additional  FRP Neopene Gaskets were also supplied for the Minox Seperator on the FPSO.
Client: Hensteel Engineering/Chevron/Tamex
Year Completed: 2017
Project: Sectional Replacement of Leaking GRE Flowline at Amukpe
Project description The project involved repair of leak on 6” spoolable pipeline along AMUKPE right of way (ROW). Also, the repair consisted of four joints with 2 nos. pipe-to-pipe connectors. Approximately 10m of pipe length was replaced.
Client: Seplat
Year Completed: 2017
Project: Field Intervention on new Milton dosing pumps
Project description The scope of this project included on – site inspection, replacement of failed seals and kits on pumps, tightening up loosed connections on pumps and topping up oil level in pumps.
Client: Samsung Heavy Industries
Year Completed: 2017
Project: Fabrication of Jockey Pump PCV A & B
Project description Project involved fabrication of short 3″ and 4″ PVC spools for Unity FSO via Sanding; Surface preparation, bonding and curing of joints. Also, the fabrication spools were hydro-tested to confirm the integrity of the bonded joints.
Client: Ponticelli
Year Completed: 2017
Project: Purchase of Piping Bulk Items – Pipes Only
Project description Provision of all equipment/materials services and items necessary to engineer, design, manufacture, test, inspect, paint, coat, mark, protect, transport and deliver the Piping Bulk Items (Pipes Only) for the K2S Project – EPC for KOLO Creek to SOKU Gas Export Pipeline.
Client: Nestoil PLC
Year Completed: 2017
Project: Supply of Sundyne Gearbox Assembly
Project description Supply of Sundyne Gearbox Assembly with Gearbox Assembly, Input RPM: 2960, Output RPM: 15232, Max Power: 298 KW, Type: NEWGB331, OEM: Sundyne, Model: LMV-331, Pump S/N: D- 99118144/45, TAG NO: 1-P-2571 A/B
Client: NLNG
Year Completed: 2017
Project: Repair of damaged flare boom extension in Usan
Project description The project involved the repair of cracked nuts,
broken sitting and defective sections of the flare Boom.
Client: Exxon Mobil
Year Completed: 2017
Project: Supply of Sundyne Pump
Project description Supply of Sundyne Centrifugal Pump with the following specifications; 3IN 600LB RF Suction/ 2IN 600LB RF Discharge CONNS, 4.1FT NPSHR, 500.7PSI Discharge Pressure, 1155FT Diff. Head, 11FT NPSHA, C/W Electric Motor, 40.0HP, 3558RPM, 460Volts, 3PH, 60HZ, 1.15 S.F, Frame 324HPZ,240V Space Heater & Inducer.
Client: Exxon Mobil