Management Team

Our management team is made up of executive directors and senior managers. The board of directors consists of non-executive directors with several years engineering, management, business, legal and finance experience in the oil and gas industry. Our culture is focused, innovative and entrepreneurial, facilitating the delivery of effective services to our clients. To ensure that each new job is handled by a dedicated team, we follow a project-based organisational structure, with the head office overseeing the general planning, funding and operations for each contract. With this structure, we are able to effectively and efficiently run several projects simultaneously.

Kayode Thomas
Chief Executive Officer
Ayo Aderibigbe
Deputy Managing Director (Operations)
John Akindele Rockson Deputy Managing Director (Business Development & Supply Chain)
Azuka Onyia                    Chief Financial Officer
Ejiro Erivona                    Assistant General Manager
Oluyemi Gbeja            Senior Business Manager
Yinka Adetuberu          Senior Rotating Equipment Manager
Jessy Eni                      Senior Human Resources Manager